When I traveled around the world to the eastern portion, it was truly the very best trip of my life. Nothing really compares to every single one of the places I traveled while during my time there, the people I met, and the food that I’ve tried. As opposed to my own country, there are a lot of differences including the health system, nation-wide politics, social culture, air conditioning systems, and education. Talking about the educational system found in the east, the differences are very significant. Back home, it’s easy to drop a class, and you could potentially get it done online without ever seeing the teacher of the class you dropped. However, in the places I visited, you not only have to get a teacher’s signature, but you also need to plead with them face to face if you want to stay in their class. At the beginning, this was a big culture shock in my situation, but I slowly started to find out more about the culture. When it came to the classroom environment, it was always packed with students and really hot in all of the classrooms. They would leave the varying windows and doors opened, which welcomed a lot of mosquitos and other weird insects. It was clear that heating and cooling is a luxury in this area, and it made me miss out on home. My teacher would turn on the air conditioning in our class if there were ever even a tiny pocket of heated air that crept into the room. I never voiced my worries to my foreign teacher due to the fact I knew what I had signed up for in the beginning, but I definitely wanted to scream every time a bloodsucking insect landed on my sticky, flushed skin! Heating and air conditioning is very important.

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