Roughly a year ago, I made the mistake of replacing my HVAC system. I spent more money to be able to upgrade to smart technology. The new HVAC system was to simplify my life, and make my home more comfortable, and to save me money. The furnace and air conditioner easily adapt speed to the demand of your home, running at lower capacity to develop more even temperatures and maintain energy. The system is also zone controlled, which means you will find a thermostat in every room, providing me the ability to customize the functions. All of these thermostats are linked with main unit that I am supposed to be able to access through my phone. Regrettably, I can’t manage all that technology. I have trouble operating a television and blu ray player. I can’t figure out how to take a photo with my smartphone. I have no clue how I am going to learn to run this fancy HVAC system. Whenever one of my kids stops by to see me, I beg them to alter the HVAC controls. They have repeatedly shown me methods to access the settings and create alterations, but once they leave, I’m unable to make it work. I’ve had the air conditioner running at full bore in January, and the heater blowing in July. I can’t make either the heat or air run as I want or how I want. Many times I go without heating or cooling throughout the day, and then listen to this HVAC system start up in the course of the night. The entire HVAC system and smart thermostat is too confusing, and instead of improving my well being, it’s made things more stress filled and difficult.