Many years ago, when my daughter was just a baby, she used to work fevers for no apparent purpose. The doctor’s office used to consult them as FUOs, which is short for “fevers of unknown origin.” For the most part, they didn’t worry me too much, mostly because her pediatrician proclaimed they were really nothing to stress over. When she was about 5 years old, she had started running a FUO l days before Christmas. On Christmas Day it got higher than normal and lastly was three days long by that period. I had called our doctor manufactured after Christmas and had to venture to the doctor on call. Well, his idea was much distinct from my doctor’s! He had insisted that I bring her in the office. There was no air conditioning running and it was so hot in there. I wanted to leave with her due to the lack of air conditioning, but they insisted that I stay. The doctor wanted to run a few tests on her urine in addition to blood. He also fussed at me and accused me of being neglectful! Her thermostat reading was never visiting go down without any air conditioning in the place. And she would not pee no matter what. She wouldn’t drink any water, despite the absence of a/c to keep your girlfriend cool. She was miserable with no air conditioning to cool her out of, and I wanted the A/C overly! I think it was he who was neglectful, not me! When I bought her home into the air conditioning and gave her a great bath, her fever had finally went all the way down.

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