I spent my first 30 years of my lifetime living in the northern area of the country. I was accustomed to sub zero temperatures for the vast majority of year. I ran my furnace for eight straight months, spent a fortune on my monthly energy bills, and dealt with excessive amounts of snow. My hobbies centered around skiing and snowmobiling, and the household chores included shoveling and spreading rock salt. I didn’t even have an air conditioner installed in the house, and during the summer, I simply opened the windows. When I accepted employment that required me to move down south, my priorities changed a great deal. I moved into a house that did not include any sort of heating equipment. There was some sort of central cooling system, and I had no idea how to properly maintain it. I was shocked with the high cost of my once a month electric bill, and the problems I was facing included humidity, mold growth, and insects. I immediately contacted a neighborhood HVAC contractor to inspect the cooling system. I wanted to be sure that the air conditioner was running with peak efficiency. The HVAC technician spent a lot of time inspecting the ductwork, taking apart the gear, cleaning the inner workings and making adjustments. Because of this service, I knew that the cooling system would perform reliably and save me a great deal in energy costs. He taught me how to change the air filter and suggested that I pick a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier handles excess moisture and eliminates certain health risks of degraded air quality.

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