I finally found out why my eyes have been hurting. For days now my eyes are generally red, watery and itchy. It seems as if I do drugs all day at my house and then go to my workplace. Also I had been sneezing a lot more than usual. I thought maybe I had caught a really unusual cold or I was perhaps allergic to something. I tried keeping myself comfy and switching products that I use on myself. When practically nothing worked, I started thinking about what changed in my life. I established that my issues occurred after I turned on my heater for the season. Now that the furnace is on for hours, everyday, I feel terrible. I actually looked online and discovered why my heater caused me to truly feel so horrible. I found that it is because the gas furnace is actually dirty. A dirty heating system pushes the dirt into part of your air. The dusty air level of quality then causes eye irritation. Also the poor indoor quality of air with dust will mean you sneeze. After I found the key reason why, I went right to the gas heater praying I could clean it. I tried swapping the air conditioner filter and vacuuming the inside of the heater. It did not clear my symptoms. I don’t know how else to clean it. I am now thinking that the next task is calling a HVAC professional. They have more knowledge and tools at cleaning a heating system. I think it is going to be expensive though. I have never paid for heater service and never even called a HVAC business. So I think there is going to be a lot for the HVAC contractor to do.

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