I am a true coffee shop junkie. I love coffee using a passion, but when I say a restaurant junkie, I mean I love to sit for hours on end just people watching from my little corner table. I am just always really fascinated by the many kinds of people that come in and out from the shop all morning long. Now you can see the work and business forms, the mom meetups and those so interested in coffee you don’t ever approach them! The one issue that really bothers me to no end, however, is how surprisingly cold they keep their thermostat specify at. I will sit there shivering and it is as if they don’t wish me to sit there whatsoever! I asked one day about their cooling system and what the deal was with the arctic temperatures indoor and they said that corporate felt a cooler the temperatures, the far more coffee people would buy. I asked what about the individuals sitting in the cafe along with he had said that they opt for when people come and go while hoping that has to be a deterrent. That floored me as lots of people often come to work at a cafe and maybe they are actually pushing them out? I happened to find the HVAC serviceman there one day while I was sitting and I asked him what he seriously considered their little plan and he just laughed. He told me many shops do that and perhaps the controls and temperatures are generally monitored through a computer system at corporate. Wow! I couldn’t believe my ears. It sad to know that they would use their customers that way, as they are the whole reason they’re just in business!

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