I have a full-time career, four energetic children, two dogs, and a kitty to care for. All of my kids take part in different activities and sports, and we spend hours every day in the car. We usually leave the house around seven o’clock each morning, and typically don’t return until after eight PM. There is seldom time to do laundry, grocery shop or clean our home. I certainly can not handle any unscheduled chores or repairs. To simplify my life, I have decided to take-charge. I have enrolled in a maintenance plan with a local HVAC company. The HVAC company calls me up after summer, and again after winter, to schedule seasonal maintenance. Since the HVAC technician cleans, tunes up, and troubleshoots my furnace and air conditioner year after year, the HVAC components run at top energy efficiency and they are far more reliable. I do not have needlessly high utility bills and unscheduled repairs. As a bonus, my HVAC system should be preserved longer, provide healthier air quality, and keep us nice and comfortable. I decided to invest in a smart thermostat to help manage the HVAC system. The smart thermostat allows me to make changes and observe what’s going on with the heating and cooling system, no matter where I happen to be. Whether I’m at the office, sitting in an rollar rink, or stuck on the freeway, I can adjust the temperature of the heater or air conditioner. I get alerts when it’s time to change the filter or if there’s any trouble with the system.

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