Many people do not realize that the housing slump is now over. In fact, the realtors here are saying it has become a seller’s market once again, and I can see this may be true. I have  interest in an inexpensive, modest home to reside in when I retire in the next fifteen years. I am not having much luck. In truth, I really wanted to wait until next year, but by then, the prices may be exorbitant.

         About two weeks ago, though, a quaint little bungalow came on the market. It’s charming and small, which is what I want, but it does not have any air conditioning system. All it has are two window air conditioners, and portable heaters for the winter. I told my realtor I wanted to make a bid, but since there is no A/C system. I wanted it to be really low. We went twenty thousand below selling price, and the owner rejected it.. He counteroffered a credit for HVAC upgrade in the closing. My realtor said that a credit for HVAC purchase is a way to keep the asking price higher on the books.

          If I pay less for that home because it has no air conditioning, then it brings the price of the neighborhood houses down, too. If we do a HVAC credit situation, then housing values do not take a dive, just because this owner chose not to install central air conditioning. I know that, but a higher selling price means a higher down payment, and if I need to do an HVAC installation, I must keep my liquid funds. I have to think hard about this whole HVAC situation.

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