My son and I like curling up together in my bed to look at movies, at night. We make yummy buttery popcorn and hot chocolate together with snuggle up under a heavy blanket. This is perfect for as soon as weather is very cold in the garden. I love to curl up under a warm blanket, thus never run my furnace for a very high temperature. In addition to the next, when the summer months turn up, I run the air conditioner for a very low setting to keep the house just a bit chilly. This provides the excellent setting, all year round, to the nightly tradition of binge dvd watching with my son. My husband enjoys this pastime, as perfectly, but he is a cargo van driver and, therefore, is not home very much. Because of this, I employ an heating and cooling technician to service our HVAC system every six months, so our movie watching tradition is never interrupted by the sudden temperature fluctuation. I want so that our furnace and air conditioner always run at their utmost. Quality time with the family is so important to me and if something were to happen to our furnace and air conditioner, it would interrupt our nightly rituals and disappoint my son. Plus, I really don’t want anything to come in between my husband and i on the very few nights he is home from work. I want everything to be perfect. My partner and i, also, want to do everything I can to provide the best atmosphere for my child to advance up in. That is why I make sure to have my system maintained consistently.

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