My bestie’s best coworker from high school got married this weekend. The ceremony itself was held at the university chapel, because the gleeful couple met in school plus stayed in the area after graduation. The readings were wonderful, plus all the people looked extremely happy. I thought that it was a bit odd, however, that the couple was laying up at the altar rather anxiously. They were shimmering, but I just figured that they entirely were actually gleeful plus couldn’t wait to get out of the chapel plus onto the wedding trip, as they were headed for a tropical island shortly… Later, we learned that they had been covered in sweat! The zone control heating plus cooling of the chapel had been acting out like a rebellious teenager, plus apparently there had not been time for a heating plus cooling professional to arrive plus repair the Heating plus Air Conditioning concern before the beginning of the wedding. The zone where the altar stood was heated plus cooled with a separate thermostat than the remainder of the pews, where we had been seated. The joyful couple had been suffering from a gas furnace malfunction while the rest of us stayed cool plus comfortable in the perfect air conditioning. Honestly, I suppose that current heating plus cooling technology is amazing, however that Heating plus Air Conditioning malfunction could not have occurred at a worse time… No wonder I’d thought the newlyweds were gleeful to get away on their wedding trip! They had been wishing to get away from the malfunctioning furnace! Wonderfully, the reception was held at a local ballroom where the heating plus cooling idea was perfectly working.

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