My husband and I had our dream home built a little while ago. Our home sits for the small hill and overlooks a gorgeous, glistening lake. We have a massive living room with giant, picture windows and a flat screen television built right into the wall. The master bathroom carries a very large walk in shower with lot of sprayers and can, also, be a steam room. The nicest thing about my master bathroom is that going barefoot has radiant heated flooring. This keeps the restroom warm and comfortable, and the heated flooring is very efficient. The rest of the house is heated using a heat pump, which is really efficient. The heat pump can be an air conditioner, as well. In very cold situations, which is very rare in the region we reside, our gas furnace will require over to heat our dwelling. It was  expensive to get the system installed, but the money we save in the long run was well worth the investment for the both of us. My favorite part of the house is the master bathroom where. I spend most of my time, using the steam bath and watching the television installed on the wall. I am so glad with cool things we have inside our new dream house, especially with how efficient our heating and cooling system is. I would recommend these heating and cooling methods to anyone along the way of building a new home or just buying more efficient way to heat or cool their house.