I know of no one who enjoys the west coast more than my dad. Since our big move from the midwest, we’ve lived here for almost 10 years now. That said, it seems that he still hasn’t had enough of it. If I thought he would ever consider moving again after finding out there was a new museum that displayed several things he was interested in–including ancient A/C units, I should slap myself for it. He’s a man who appreciates history, so upon hearing about such news in the local newspapers, he hastily met up with friends early the next day. My dad seemed pretty shocked that it had been open for a week already as he’s usually up on these kinds of things. Being the kind of man he is, he wasted no time and left for what he called a “travel back in time,” or something like that. When he made it back home, I asked him how it was, and he talked, and talked, and talked. It seemed like he was caught in a daze of reminiscing on his life back then, so much so that I almost literally fell asleep. In addition, he and his friends saw a lot of interesting artifacts, including an old A/C device called “the chiller,” which was pretty large and used to be owned by a former manufacturer. He said it was an extraordinary experience and he had a great time exploring several public histories, especially on the heating and cooling industry. He said that it truly gave him a sense of history on the journeymen of our country that he used to remember.

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