My husband, Carl, and I always plan something special for our anniversary.  Every year, we take a weekend and  go on a road trip and stay at nice hotels or resorts. I look forward to our anniversary trips every year. But, this past year, Carl and I had a miserable experience that left me in a sour mood for our entire anniversary weekend. We chose a small bed and breakfast  that we found online.  The place came highly recommended by customer reviews. Because of this, we  were shocked to find the place old and rundown.  It looked very little like the pictures online.  We thought it was brand new. I tried to to see the romance of it, but when we  got into our room, it was clearly dirty.  The Air Conditioning unit that was installed looked positively ancient. It was a muggy afternoon and smelled  musty in the room.  We  could tell that the air conditioner hadn’t been operated in ages. I was concerned that there could be bed bugs and mold   in the room because of moisture.   The lack of air conditioning had definitely caused some problems with humidity. My husband tried to put  a positive spin on the situation.  He asked how to turn on the old air conditioner in the  room. We were then informed that the air conditioner would be an up charge on the room rate and was not guaranteed to work at all. I tried to laugh at the situation, but all I wanted was to head to a different hotel.  I wanted to stay someplace with jacuzzi and working air conditioner.   This was not the best anniversary we celebrated, but it was the most memorable.

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