After saving for many years, my husband and I were finally able to purchase a small house. Since we will paying the down the mortgage on for the rest of our lives we have placed ourselves on a limited budget.  Though we chose a home in a nice location,  the house was in terrible condition. Whoever lived in the home before us did not take good care good care of it.  There were holes in the sheetrock, uneven floors, missing light fixtures and leaky plumbing. Most window panes damaged, some of the interior doors were missing, and they left garbage piled up outside. One of the primary problems was the condition of the HVAC system. The HVAC equipment looked the original equipment, was dirty and showed signs of corrosion. There were holes in the ducts system  and it looked to be coming apart. Restoring it was not an option.  My husband and I are very handy, and in order cut costs, we planned to handle most of the renovations ourselves. Removing the HVAC equipment and ductwork was a pretty big job. Hauling away the components was difficult too.  In order to tear down the duct system, we needed to remove  walls and ceilings, creating a large mess. Rather than replace the forced air furnace and air conditioner, we made a decision to upgrade to a ductless heat pump. This allowed to us to complete the renovations, putting up brand-new walls and ceilings, before they installed the new heat pump. We hired an authorized HVAC contractor to do the installation which was completed with minimal damage done to the walls..

heat pump installation