When I was a young child, my mom and dad would have dinner parties each alternate Saturday. They would invite their friends and some of our purposes to these events, and they will cook elaborate meals to satisfy everyone. My mother and father would always invite their nearby heating and cooling technician to these parties, as well. I could never understand why they did this. I only saw our HVAC technician several times a year, so it didn’t seem as though they were very close associates. I decided to ask my mother regarding this one day when she was getting ready for such types of famous dinners. She told me that some three years ago, our heating and cooling equipment failed and this also heating and cooling tech had came to our home through the night to repair our unit. He worked  quickly and didn’t charge my parents the excess fees that we would normally have been charged for the service. I guess the HVAC professional realized that my parents can’t be found doing well, financially and was wanting to be generous. My parents were so grateful they began sending the heating and cooling technician gifts on the holidays and inviting him to their dinner parties. I was still too young, at enough time, to really understand how unbelievably generous this tech has been. Today, I am a bit wiser, and I, actually, employ the man’s son as the professional. I appreciate his service, and am grateful his help over the years.

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