As a kid, I have several fond memories. Coming from a big family meant that we had to find things to do around the house that entertained us. Very rarely would we go on vacation or to theme parks because my parents were always working hard to provide for us. There are a few things I can remember doing with my siblings when we were bored during the summertime. One of our favorite things to do was play on the swingset in our backyard in the warm summer heat.  We would swing and slide all morning and afternoon until it was time to come indoors to do our daily chores. I loved coming inside to our air conditioning. Since A/C was a luxury at the time, we really felt special as kids to have a cool house to do chores in. Whenever I would go to my friends’ houses and notice they didn’t have air conditioners, I knew there was something to look forward to when I went back home. I remember playing inside after dinner in the cool, air conditioned playroom and not having to take a bath for a second time. It was so nice to run around the house in the A/C and not have to worry about sweating or getting overheated. Now, as an adult, I see how special it was to have an air conditioner system in our house growing up. I will want to have an air conditioner installed in my home before I start a family, but will also make sure they appreciate it.

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