I grew up in a single-parent home where money was tight.  Now I have a great job and make a lot of money. I do not have to worry about the bills that I have  like my mom always did. I can even afford the better things in life. My most recent purchase was a ductless mini split system for the guest room at my home. This unit allows me to better control the temperature in my home. I often have guests visit  from out of town and I want them to be comfortable. So they are  now able to control the temperature in their own room. They have told me that they love that they are able to do this when they visit. I am able to keep the rest of the house at my preferred setting without disrupting them. It also saves me a lot of money. Instead of having central air system that maintains a constant temperature no matter if the house is occupied or not, I now have zones that can be set to different temperatures.  I love having this control over my HVAC system. When my HVAC dealer first suggested changing to this system I was a little  reluctant.   I wasn’t convinced about the savings on the utility bill versus the cost of the installation. Looking back I’m very glad that I made the choice that I did.   I even got a tax break at the beginning of the year for installing a more energy efficient system.  Every chance I get I tell people about  this great system that I have in my house.   I also make sure to recommend my  HVAC dealer  because I trust them.

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