Having a child does not just mean changing diapers and potty training. Oh no, there’s far more responsibility than you recognize if you want and/or have yet to have children. One of our recent concerns has been our child working her way into our home’s air registers. No matter how many times she’s been tapped on the hand or put in the corner for time out, her mischief is never-ending. My husband and I decided it was time to childproof our registers, which I’ve seen done many ways at other friends’ homes. All ideas but one seemed like they would work just fine. I remember seeing an associate who had a less permanent way of securing their registers and that was by using velcro to keep them down. We believe this involved screwing nails into the registers and into the floor. Since they are wooden, I used a drill to do so and, voila! No more “Miss Mischief” pulling them up. She is a pretty strong child, so the couple from whom I picked this idea up felt it would be a difficult task for our kid if she decided to pick at them. I’m kind of glad they weren’t metal or we would’ve needed to purchase entirely new screw-in vents. I also felt it was key to screen our registers like the couple did since I did not want our kid’s toys going down the air ducts. This has created serious troubles for our other friends as they had to learn the hard way. I am glad my husband and I were able to prevent the dread of our baby girl losing toys or getting hurt from unguarded registers.

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