Half way up the old logging trail is an abandoned quarry. My friends and I don’t know what they used to mine there, it’s been closed for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, the only evidence that there ever was a quarry is a giant hole in the ground half filled with rain and snow runoff. It is the deepest freshwater swimming spot around here. In the summer, you can find pretty much all the kids around here swimming at the quarry. It is enormous, and there are these jagged, steep cliff faces perfect for dangerous dives. It was about halfway down one of these cliffs where we found the phantom AC duct. That’s what we call it anyway. It’s absolutely bizarre seeing a stainless steel air duct sticking straight out a rock wall. My friends and I took a pretty good look at it, but we couldn’t tell how old it was. There weren’t any rust marks or writing on it, at least not that we could see. Of course, we didn’t stick around too long. While we were hanging on to the side of the cliff, trying to get a good look, it started blasting out freezing cold air! Getting away from the vent as quickly as we could, I smelled a weird smell. It reminded me of the antiseptic smell of a hospital ward. We discovered this mysterious air vent a few weeks ago, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Questions keep nagging at me about that air duct; Where does it come from, who put it there, when and why? My cousin works for an HVAC contractor, I will go ask if he has any ideas. Until then, I’ll just sit here and imagine the possibilities .

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