No person, in their right mind would ever want to spend a day in my home. Most of my good friends know that if they plan to find me during a popular day, they won’t find me anywhere near the house. I would much rather take a walk outdoors or visit the local restaurant than stay at my property, during a humid day. Just last month, my HVAC unit had sadly broken down, and I have been unable to afford the cost of repairing it. During the day, where I live, can get extremely hot and humid. Usually cooler outside than it is inside the house. That is why I choose walks and relax at the area, air conditioned coffee shop down the street. Yesterday, my brother had found me sitting with my usual booth, right under a air conditioning vent, reading my little e-book. He told me that he had made arrangements for a local HVAC repair company to come to my home to repair my HVAC unit. I told him I couldn’t pay the cost just yet, but he told me that he already paid for it. I was truly ecstatic and so thankful for his help! I jumped up and gave him a major hug. Knowing that my HVAC equipment is working again, soon, was a burden that had been lifted off my shoulders. No longer did I need to avoid my own home from the unbearable cooling and heating quality. From now on, my air quality would, once again, be cool and comforting thanks to my brothers generous gift associated with repairing my air conditioning system.

indoor air quality