I am a banana trader, and that’s not a joke, but it is the truth.  The small country that I live in is just a small island, and we don’t have bananas.  It wasn’t until I had the ability to have bananas shipped in, that many people had even seen a banana.  As I said, we are a very small island, and we are remote, as in the fact that it wasn’t even charted until a decade ago.  Now I am sure that you can understand why it is that I can make a living selling bananas, and I sell them for about five times that of American grocery stores.  This job brings its own set of trials, because I am only one of about five people on the entire island, that can actually afford to have air conditioning.  This small fact makes me really popular, because not only do the islanders want to have the bananas, but they also want to relax in the AC and visit.  I found myself with the need to come up with a rule that only the paying constituents could sit in the cooling atmosphere.  When they bought bananas, they would then be able to relax in from of the AC vents as they ate them.   The difficulty with having HVAC is that you need to have an alternate plan should the unit break down.   I mail ordered a set of books that AC repair person use as a study guide for their HVAC certification.  I plan on learning enough that when my air conditioner needs repairing, I will be able to repair the problem.  I am not an expert, but I can fix what is broken.

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