I am located in the north eastern part of the country, and the majority of the weather is cold and rainy. Having an effective heating system is a necessity. Until last summer, I managed just fine without air conditioning installed at my home. Opening windows and using a portable fan in all the bedrooms managed to keep my family relatively comfortable. Every summer, brings typically a few overly hot and humid nights, but I never felt air conditioning was significant. Last summer, however, it rained virtually every day. It was impossible to open the windows plus the humidity was overwhelming. The whole house felt damp and sticky. Falling asleep at night was difficult, and I constantly felt sweaty and overheated. Running a few electric fans didn’t provide sufficient relief. I considered purchasing portable air conditioners and installing them on the windows, but I would have needed at least six of them. I finally contacted a local HVAC company to install full scale air conditioning. I already had the ductwork available because of my furnace, which made me hope that the project would not be overly expensive. When I learned the total price, I was unpleasantly surprised. My husband and children have been insistent that upgrading to air conditioning was worth any cost. The HVAC contractor successfully installed the air conditioner within a week, and it has certainly been much better for our comfort. I am now determined to run the air conditioner so as to make the investment valuable. At the first sign of spring this particular year, I started up the air conditioner. I want to operate it until the fall ends.

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