Recently, I ran into one of my high school friends at a local supermarket. I just moved back to the area and was really happy to see a familiar face. We stood in the aisle and chatted for a few minutes, and after buying our groceries, we decided to meet up for a cup of coffee later. We talked and laughed the entire time, and must have drank at least three cups of coffee each! It was really great catching up with him and hearing about how great he has been doing since high school. Interestingly enough, he decided to start his own business–he recently opened up his own marijuana dispensary. I didn’t know that we even had a cannabis shop in town, so it was certainly a surprise to learn that I actually knew the owner of the weed dispensary! He was so excited to tell me all about his new business venture and told me all about how using a grass dispensary works. All customers of his medical cannabis dispensary must have an official medical marijuana card issued by a doctor. They sell all different kinds of weed, and provide things like rolling papers, bowls, bongs, and other types of smoking devices. All of his products come from a medical-grade facility, and his cannabis dispensary even has a nurse on staff who is available to answer any questions that customers may have. I knew that marijuana shops were becoming more popular, but I have to admit, I never thought that my town would have one! I think that having a medical marijuana shop will be a great thing, not just for my friend, but for everyone else in the area.

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