My husband grew up in a poor family,  both of his parents worked very hard to put food on the table.   for this reason he is very careful with money.  He worked hard in college to get good grades and graduate with honors.  All of his work  paid off when he was offered a position at a local firm making really good money. His salary has allowed us to live a very comfortable  life.  I have been able to stay home with the kids  and we can afford to have some of the finer things in life. One example of things that we wanted  was an upgrade to our HVAC system.  My husband had learned about a system  that was ductless,  required less maintenance,  and would even save money on our utility bills. Even though he makes a good living, my husband is still very careful with his money.  He doesn’t see the sense in wasting it on energy bills if we don’t need to. We had four separate zones installed in our house.  Now,  when we have out of town guests,  they can control their own area  and keep it it whatever temperature they are comfortable with. The  rest of the house is kept at a temperature that we are all comfortable at too.  We have smart thermostats so that we can adjust the HVAC system when we are away and an hour before we arrive back home too.  I just love having this technology.  Especially since I seldom leave the house except to run errands or pick up the kids from school. I am very proud of the life that my husband has worked so hard for.  He prides himself on taking care of us and ensuring that we are happy.  

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