I sell bananas, and where bananas are a rarity, it is a very lucrative business.  Of course, I have other fruits that can’t be bought in certain parts of the world.  My island is beautiful, but I found that there were people who never tasted a banana.  It isn’t a very big island, and it is off the charts, and since I have them shipped in, the people on our island are more than happy to pay almost ten times what they would cost in the continental U.S. markets.   There is a very different type of challenge that is put upon the few vendors who sell fresh food, and that is the need for air conditioning.  Our select group has become very popular because of the air conditioning.  I have found that people come in to visit, just to feel the cool comfort of the air conditioning.  I had to adopt a new set of rules for this situation that only allows shoppers to stop and rest in the air conditioning, if they purchased bananas.  I would give them the freedom to sit and chat by the air vents, as long as they wanted.  I sometimes wondered what would happen to my business if my HVAC unit were to break.  At first, I considered just letting the HVAC stay broken, but then I thought twice about that.  I ended up having several manuals about helped me to understand HVAC, and get a certification in HVAC repair.  I won’t say I am an expert air conditioning repair, but when something goes wrong, I can fix it.

air conditioning system