I actually thought that the plush leather furniture would make me happy. I waited for three main years, while I saved enough money to purchase the matching set. When I finally brought my new lounge and love seat home, they didn’t match my color pattern whatsoever. I had to return each one twice, before I had even sat in them once. When we finally had a good sofa, I sat down to watch my first movie. It ended up being a warm sunny day, as well as the A/C was already set at 72 degrees. After about twenty minutes in the movie, I started to perspire. My legs were sweating in addition to my back was sweating. The leather sofa was incredibly warm and intensely uncomfortable. I turned the A/C down a few degrees and sat back down over the couch. By the time that movie was completed, I ended up being way to uncomfortable and hot. The leather sofa conducted a significant amount of heat, and a A/C didn’t help any. I had not thought with what would happen if I didn’t actually like the leather sofa. I had never sat on the sofa for an extended period. The store has a great A/C system, so I might never would have guessed that I wouldn’t much like the leather. The furniture store was beyond thrilled about returning to our home just as before. They charged us a restocking charge this last time, even though we still bought an alternative sofa. At least this cutting edge sofa doesn’t make me perspire, with the A/C system running on high. It will have to be a  long time, before we buy another furniture piece for the house.

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