I travel considerably for work, it’s one with the main parts of my career. I go from home, to airports, to hotels, and meetings on a weekly basis. As a result I don’t have time for a variety of luxuries that many people take for granted. For example, I frequently eat takeout because I do not have a decent way to cook while living in hotels, plus all the travel produces a hectic schedule with limited time to catch trains, buses, and planes and I usually don’t have a second to sit and eat. Another luxury I can’t enjoy is heating and air conditioning. I’m simply subject to whatever my surroundings are whenever you want and I have to help make due. If the airport is chilly, I find it difficult to scrounge up enough layers so that I can warm myself, or if the AC is normally broken in the hotel I have to dress for that as effectively. Many airports have these business sized air conditioners that cool giant sections at any given time, and they intentionally keep it cold to not have the spread of germs. On the opposite end of the array, many hotel rooms have busted heating and air conditioning equipment as a result of overuse and mistreatment from numerous unsavory guests. As a result I’m constantly fluctuating between hot and cold environments thanks to lack of air conditioning/central heating or simply overuse of air conditioning. It may be pretty brutal on your immune system, constantly changing temperatures like that, and when you get sick because of that it just makes the a shortage of HVAC even more detrimental. Whenever I have a couple of days off to sit at home around my HVAC controlled apartment, I always make sure to not take my heating systems equipment for granted.