When I started a new job, I had to relocate down south.  I had to handle the transfer really hastily, on a limited budget, so I rented the first apartment that was within our price range.  The apartment was not in the nicest location or in great condition.  I was afraid the stairs would collapse when I hauled in our possessions.  The floor in the kitchen was slanted, plus there were water stains on the ceiling.  There was hardly any water pressure, a limited supply of really hot water, and many of the electrical outlets didn’t work.  I had to resort to using a bungee cord to keep the refrigerator shut and I was afraid to use the oven because of safety concerns.  I moved in during the winter, so I didn’t notice the lack of any air conditioning for many weeks.  When the outside weather warmed up and the horrible humidity settled in, I turned the thermostat down and waited for the cool air.  I got absolutely nothing, and so I assumed that the air conditioning system was malfunctioning.  When I went looking for the cooling unit, I couldn’t find it.  I called our landlord and she told me that the air conditioner system had broken down a few years ago, and she had never bothered to repair or replace the A/C or even remove the thermostat.  When I asked if she planned to install a new air conditioner system, she said she did not.  I spent a really uncomfortable warm season in that apartment with no access to any air conditioner.  Opening the windows and running a box fan didn’t supply any relief, and I couldn’t afford to purchase a A/C. I was spending a lot of money on bleach because the excessive moisture in the apartment created a lot of mold.  

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