My fiance has worked for the same heating and air conditioning supplier for years. She started right out of high college as a helper. After we decided to get married and start a family, she decided to go take the classes necessary to become completely HVAC certified. She has made a nice living for herself in the HVAC industry plus continues to take educational classes to remain qualified to install and repair the most recent and technologically advanced appliances. Lately my fiance has decided she would like to open her own HVAC supplier in our small community. It seems the lady she has been working for all these years, has been heavily over charging her customers. My fiance has built many friendships over time, as she installed, maintained or repaired HVAC units, heating systems, boilers, added air purification systems, plus cleaned or repaired miles of air duct. She also added a few hours getting to know her buyer base by installing some of the newer equipment like the ductless mini split system, multi split air conditioner units, plus the ever popular smart thermostat. Having personal knowledge of the different HVAC costs, my fiance found it more difficult to sit idly by, while her boss left several of these families in serious debt for an over priced HVAC repair. But since this is the only HVAC supplier within a 40 mile radius, the charges set are non-negotiable. My fiance’s HVAC supplier will charge a fair, and more affordable price plus will easily put this other HVAC contractor out of business.

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