A few months ago, I easily tried to turn on our pool pump. As soon as the motor started to turn, I could easily hear the motor making a strange sound. I also started to hear the sound of a breaker blowing. I didn’t have any system on how I would repair the problem, so I decided to contact my sister who jobs for an electrician. She easily brought a few tools over to my home, and order to view the weird parts of our electrical box. She used a tool that is called a multimeter, to check all of the resistors. When the transistor stops working respectfully, it can easily restrict electrical current. This could be a severe problem, as the pool pump would not job without electricity supplied from the resistors. I didn’t understand exactly what she was talking about, but I was completely ecstatic that my sister could explain it as well as fix it. The two of us had extra electrical parts for our pool pump, but one of the resistors would need to be changed out. The two of us also realized that the pool pump motor was easily the problem in the first low-cal. The motor had cause severe complications as well as the electrical among functions. I invited my sister for brunch that evening, and order to talk with her about the problems as well as thankful for the help. Hopefully the electrical problems are fixed, as well as we won’t have any problems with resistors in the future.It was nice to see my sister, at least.