I decided to move back into my parents’ lake house after my divorce. I held my breath as my children and I readjusted our lives and waited for the other shoe to drop. Sure enough, my mother was diagnosed with dementia. I have watched her health quickly deteriorate, as her behavior takes on a new level not recognisable to me or my kids, however, she is also a smoker, but has always insisted on not smoking in her home, especially with children present. Now she smokes at night while every one of us sleep, the stink plus smoke floats through the ductwork and into the living room, then when I confront her, she denies it. My mother has never been a liar, so I believe this is caused by the disease. I called the HVAC company so see if they could do something with the ductwork that could help and they gave two solutions; the first being, they could install an air purification system that would help clean the air that my children and myself are breathing. The HVAC professional was kind enough to tell me the me air purifier would help clean the indoor air some, but would not be able to completely erase the damage from smoking in the home. She advised that every one of us close off the ductwork leading to the living room, plus install a mini split a/c. This way every one of us would have our own control unit plus an air purification added to this, and our indoor air quality would be close to perfect. I can’t leave my parents to this disease, so I have stressed an appointment to have the mini split a/c installed tomorrow.

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