Everyone I know calls me a clean freak. I even have a cleaning regimen. Every six months, I shampoo the carpets, wash this windows inside and out, and launder the curtains. Every month, I change the air filter inside HVAC system and clean every single one of the vents. Every week, I clean all of the floors and dust, wash all of the linens, and scrub down the kitchen and bathroom. I am diligent about having my water heater, furnace, and air conditioner professionally maintained annually.

Unfortunately, despite all of my rigorous efforts, there is absolutely no way to entirely eliminate dust and various contaminants. There are potential sources for air pollution in every room entrance. Pesticides and cleaning products, personalized hygiene products, carpets, paint, and pets all contribute to problems with the quality of good indoor air. It drives me nuts!

After doing extensive research, and studying all different kinds of air quality products, I finally decided to install an air purification system. The air purifier incorporates directly into the existing HVAC system, where it is tucked out of sight and operates silently. The air purifier continuously runs and filters the indoor air through the entire house eight times every hour. Not only does it trap contaminants such as dust, pollen, and dander, it kills bacteria, mold and mildew.

The air purifier captures particles that are smaller than a grain of wheat or a piece of beach sand grain, keeping my house cleaner and healthier. It also protects the cleanliness of the heating and cooling system, promoting greater electrical power efficiency and reliability. Since installing the air purifier, I have noticed that my house smells better and feels fresher and more comfortable, making this clean freak one step happier.