A few months ago, our spring season was remarkably mild. Most days the conditions was cool and nice, which included a slight breeze in the surroundings. The birds spent the morning singing, and the skies were stuffed with a beautiful blue clouds. We hadn’t seen a great mild spring in many many years. We didn’t even use the air conditioner until the middle of July. Around the second full week of July, the daily temperatures began to increase significantly. It was as if we woke up one a.m., and the daily temperatures were in the nineties. Our small window A/C unit struggled to maintain up with the hot summer season. Since the spring was so mild, I assumed that was the cause of the heat wave during the summer. The indoor air temperatures inside our house were always in the seventies or so. We ran the fans on high, but it still didn’t help the quality of humidity that was in mid-air. Last summer was a miserable hot season, and I hope this summer will be different. I’m afraid that if the temperatures inside remain extremely high, that we will have to purchase a whole house cooling system. Our small window A/C unit doesn’t work enough, to cool our full home. Last Fall, we spoke with an HVAC contractor about adding central heating and cooling in our home. Since our home is virtually 3,000 square feet, it would be extremely expensive to add principal heating and cooling. I am hopeful that summer will be cooler as compared to last, so that we can survive just using the window A/C unit.