My husband was searching for jobs in the newspaper, and he kept seeing ads for HVAC specialists. The jobs differed from maintenance staff members to refrigeration suppliers, as well as management positions. It made him serious about his future, and he began enroll in an HVAC program at a technical school. I was really pleased with my husband, because he seemed looking forward to his future. Everyday after class, he would come home ecstatic and wanting to tell me what he had experienced that day. I was just as engaged about the information as he had been. It took a few years previous to he finally finished HVAC “university”. My husband graduated near the highest of his class, and had job offers from a number of different HVAC companies and repair agencies. One of his teachers had a friend that owned his own repair shop, and he introduced my husband to the owner. My husband and the repair owner got along splendidly, and my husband has been working the job at this very HVAC repair company. That was almost fifteen years ago. We now have two little ones of of our own. He runs the entire southwest division of the HVAC company, and his boss is getting ready to retire this fall. When that happens, my husband is going to be in charge of the entire HVAC business. I am so proud with his accomplishments, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s also really great to be married to someone, that will repair and fix the air conditioner for free.

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