Previous summer was so horrible. We had problem after problem while in our house, and my son smashed his arm in the car door. We were supposed to be on vacation to Canada, but that trip would require us to cancel when our HVAC system quit working abruptly . It was Wednesday, and my husband was away on his usual business trip. The kids and I were getting ready to go for dinner, when the A/C system came to a halt. It was a noisy, abrupt sound, and I knew there would be a problem right away.. The entire system quit working, and was making a strange sound. I called my man for advice, and he believed a professional HVAC building contractor would be the best person to call. It was already almost eight o’clock at night, so I called some places before I found someone that would come out that late. The HVAC technician appeared around nine o’clock. He was very friendly, and didn’t look bothered by me calling him so late, one bit. The HVAC technical assistant carefully viewed the system, removing different parts of the A/C, one piece at a time. About thirty minutes later or so, he gave me the bad news. Our air compressor had quit working, and he wouldn’t be capable of replacing the bad part until early morning. It was still extremely humid and warm outside, so i was without a doubt very upset. I told the HVAC contractor that I would probably stay in a hotel for the evening. Which at that time he offered to personally loan me his portable A/C equipment, until the next day. He had a small A/C unit over on his truck, which he offered to lend to us throughout the night. I thanked him for his kind offer, and we all slept nice and cool within the living room that night.

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