Following college, I took three years to explore the world as a performer. I had absolutely no funds, but it was a certainly exciting adventure. I only stayed in one place for a day or two, and all of my possessions fit into a backpack or my case. I played from coffee shops, nightclubs, theaters, and sometimes on street corners. While I truly enjoyed that time, there were some difficult problems. I frequently went hungry, without running water, a pleasant bed, and a lack of temperature choice. The places I stayed ended up being typically rundown, outdated, and slightly dirty. There was often no domestic hot water, crappy mattresses, gross sheets, without any access to temperature control. At times, there was no air conditioner or heating equipment in any way, and I alternated between shaking or sweating constantly. If there ended up being an HVAC unit available, it rarely worked properly. I managed air conditioners that dripped water, made a great deal of commotion, and smelled like mold and gave me a frustration. I got by with heat equipment that spewed dust, barely covering the temperature, and made so much noise it kept me alert. Now that I have settled into a home of my own, I’ve spent the money to make sure every comfort was addressed. I have a queen mattress with silk sheets and a lot of comfy pillows. I have a huge bathroom with plenty of hot water and decent water pressure. My refrigerator can be stocked with my favorite meals. I have installed a state-of-art required air furnace and central air conditioner we control with a smart thermostat. With an app on my smartphone, I often make adjustments to temperature control and serve my ideal comfort.