Rooming with three men is a blessing, but also a curse. I never have to change my tire or my oil,  or acquire a ride someplace. The men are great at letting me decide where to go for dinner or what movie to watch at home. The guys are very opinionated, however. They think they are much more capable than they are. They can cope with car repairs, but HVAC is something else.. The men I share the house with would never call a HVAC contractor. They are very macho men who think they can repair any heating or cooling problem. During this past winter,  our furnace would not come on. The guys tackled the problem immediately. They began with  the heater device, cleaned it, and bought  the necessary new parts.. The furnace still did not work. The men wouldn’t give up and  kept trying to repair the heating system. I mentioning calling a HVAC professional, but my suggestion was ignored. Finally they decided to contemplate the problem a little more. In other words, they decided to give up and go without heat in the house for a while. While the men were at class I called a HVAC company to do the repairs. It only took the HVAC contractor about 30 minutes to fix the problem, and it did not cost a lot of money. When the guys returned to our apartment, I just told them I repaired the furnace. Of course they concluded that all of their prior tinkering had helped me succeed in repairing the heater repair. I could not bear to tell them they were completely wrong in that assumption..

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