Most HVAC companies will do a final walkthrough with you after the service is done and explain everything that they did to maintenance your air conditioning system. Very rarely do they miss out on any of the points listed above, but if they do, some of the consequences could cost serious money.


Each time a HVAC technician comes to look at your air conditioning system, it might seem like they know what they are doing, however, they are ordinary people and can make mistakes. Your A/C unit is a pivotal part to your comfort when you find yourself home and you must make sure it is always performing at it’s best. That’s why it is smart to pay attention when they are doing their thing; just in case they forget something that may cost you money later. Below is a small list of the things that your HVAC provider is usually going to examine:


  1. The refrigerant is at the correct level and there are no refrigerant leaks.
  2. Any refrigerant needing to be purged from the system is normally purged.
  3. The air flow with the evaporator coil is at the right level.
  4. Any leaks in the ducts connected to your central air conditioning system usually are sealed.
  5. The thermostat is correctly measuring the temperature of your house and adjust it if needed.
  6. If the motor needs some  and if the belts are worn, or the tightness ought to be adjusted.
  7. There is no error inside electrical sequence that can result in the heating and cooling system to run together.
  8. If the electrical terminals must be cleaned or tightened.