I typically put off household maintenance tasks and repairs for as long as possible. I hate dealing with professional servicemen, wasting my time waiting as they arrive and paying the higher prices. When I first go my new central cooling system, I was determined to be more conscientious about upkeep. Within the initial three years, I was diligent about replacing air filters and scheduling seasonal maintenance which includes a local HVAC technician. Eventually, I started waiting longer along with longer between filter changes. I forgot to schedule preventative maintenance. The air conditioner continued to operate just fine. After I’d had the air conditioner about four years, I started to see a decrease in performance. Despite the fact that my monthly electric bills ended up steadily climbing, the house wasn’t quite as cool as it once was. I needed to lower the thermostat by several degrees, plus the air conditioner struggled to meet my needs. It seemed to cycle constantly and whenever it started up, it made a weird grinding sound. Excess humidity was suddenly an issue and I started finding pockets of mold growing on this window sills. I still didn’t bother calling for air conditioner repair and tried to ignore these problems. Eventually, the air conditioner completely quit during the middle of a holiday weekend, when the outdoor temperature was ninety-seven degrees. I got stuck paying overtime charges to help schedule emergency repair, and the technician said that the issues were 100 % maintenance related. It cost me a fortune to neglect the upkeep with the cooling equipment.