I consider the fall my favorite season, and I look forward to attending Halloween parties. My pals and I go all out for Halloween, choosing elaborate costumes, and finding the best parties to attend. I’ve learned, however, that my costume has to be very lightweight and comfortable. In the area where I live, the weather in October is rather unpredictable. It can drop down to freezing or suddenly turn hot and humid. The past two years, my friends and I made a decision to dress up as the Ninja turtles for Halloween. We wore the full-on turtle suits with all of the accessories and attended a party at a local hotel. The tickets to the party were super expensive in addition to included free food and open bar. That day, the outside temperature raised in the upper eighties and the humidity was brutal. The ballroom where the party was held did not have a powerful enough air conditioner to handle the weather combined with using a hundred people in attendance. Because the air conditioner was running, the management would not allow any windows or doors to remain left open. Despite the cooling system operating non stop, in maximum capacity, the ballroom was ungodly hot. Being dressed up in that rubber turtle costume was important torture. I had sweat running all the way down my face and back. It was also very difficult to go the restroom or drink anything. I have learned my lesson, and now choose my costume plus the party I will attend will be carefully planned. I will make sure the venue comes with a updated HVAC system, that are designed for whatever the weather brings.

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