After a long couple months of labor, I was finally able to take more time off that coincided with my best friend’s schedule. It had become almost 10 years since we last seen each other face-to-face. Since so much time had passed since we saw each other last, we decided that a road trip would be our best bet to catch up during our 4-week stint together. Eager to show off my new whip, I offered to drive my vehicle. So, once my former partner-in-crime confirmed our reservations had been made, I shot down the shore and picked her up on the way to our destination.


While cruising the roadways, it hit me: I forgot to shut down my A/C before leaving! Realizing this, I felt my temperature start to rise to a level that seemed identical to the outdoors. The type of unit I had back at home was an older model that’s costing me an arm and a leg every month, especially during the summertime. Frustrated, I pulled over so my friend could drive while I addressed the situation some vacation homework. Once we swapped, I was able to retrieve my next-door neighbors’ number, certain I’d get them to shut off my HVAC system as they had my extra key. Ring, ring, ring… Of course, just my luck–no answer. (Even my neighbors’ voice mailbox was full, so I couldn’t leave a message.) Next, I quickly flipped through my digital playbook and lobbed my hail mary pass. As with my neighbors, though, my attempt to reach my electric company failed. Clearly, this would’ve been a great time to have that telephone app they said they’d start piloting soon.