Once upon a time, my father told me that typically things fix themselves. He said you need to let certain things work out on their own. Many people disagree with this. If objects are not earning a wage, then it needs maintenance. But I can tell most people that I have left many repairs go unfixed. Eventually, they are able to the magically work themselves out. There are periods when  my ipod doesn’t care to turn on. I let it be, and after a week it is working again. Perhaps it was just in need of a break. Now, my car repairs I leave it to the car to sort itself out. The repairs eventually right themselves or I adjust and learn to live without a gas gauge, heating, air conditioning, or tunes. In my opinion, my heater was a surprise. It was in the middle of winter at Christmas time when the heating system broke down. It would not turn back on and the apartment was an ice box. So I called my HVAC technicians for a heater repair. As it was winter the technicians super busy. They told me I would be placed  on an email list and they would call me. I pleaded with them to fix the furnace before New Years. They assured me they would make it to my place before then. Well, I never received a call or even a furnace repair. On New Year’s day I took a chance and started the propane gas heater. It fired up and began heating my apartment. It never broke down for me since. My heating system repaired itself just fine. It simply needed a break.

fix my heater