After years of employment in someone else’s kitchen, I am finally at the pinnacle of my career and became a chef of my own! Being the top chef really comes with much more responsibility than you would think. Not only do you must design and plan out meals together with their portion sizes, but you have to make sure to schedule a good amount of help to ensure the food makes it out on time without going over the line. Recently, I had the very first of probably many employee conflicts. To come to be fair, it was mostly because of things that were really not in my control. We were in the beginning of peak hours for the start of dinner rush, all of a sudden, the air conditioning went out at the back of the house. At first, nobody pointed out that the A/C had stopped working hard. It’s usually pretty hot with the kitchen anyways and everyone works up a sweat to be sure. But then, one of my best line cooks said she was starting to feel light headed from the heat. Then other people started in about the temperature being much hotter than usual inside the kitchen. I had the top waiters go and do a quick check on the air conditioning system. When he returned, he said that the thermostat controlling the back entrance didn’t look like it was cooling whatsoever. I told him to phone our HVAC contractor and told the back line to expect that it was going being a hot night. The line cook who was at first complaining about lightheadedness just stopped working and decided on sit inside the walk-in deep freeze. When I went in following her, she refused to emerge until I got the HVAC system fixed properly. I couldn’t have a girl just sitting there defying me in my freezer and getting in everyone’s head, so I fired her on the spot.

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