My five year plan is to save up enough money to finally start building my dream house. Nearly three years ago, I purchased the perfect stretch of land for my new home. It’s situated up on a huge mountain, surrounded by the forest providing an amazing view of a beautiful lake. I don’t want an exceptionally large house or any fancy features. I just want to be comfortable in my own space. So, I’ve decided to install a geothermal HVAC system, a true sizable investment. I have without a doubt received an estimate from your HVAC contractor, and the surely costly system of the project is the underground loop system. He will need to dig up the property and install a number of pipes in order to take advantage of the free energy source underground. This loop system will combine with the relatively stable temperatures underground and go to an electric heat pump, located inside. This system will provide both heating and cooling capacity, solving my year long temperature needs. While I plan to spend a small fortune getting the geothermal HVAC system arrange, it will cost very little to figure in the end. The Environmental Protection Agency points to a geothermal heat pump as the most energy efficient means of temperature control available. I can expect to keep my house perfectly comfortable for around a dollar every day. The underground loop system should last around fifty years, along with the indoor heat pump should last around twenty years. I can also take benefit from tax credits because of installing this environmentally friendly HVAC system.

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