We are from the city.  A decade ago, we made the decision to buy a home in the mountains and move away from the city. We found a quaint rancher on the side of a mountain. It had a beautiful view and ten acres of fruit, oak and pine trees.  There was a small stream and a couple acres, all ready for a vegetable garden. We were on pins and needles waiting for summer when everything was green and we could see fruit. We didn’t know that spring could be cold and rainy or summer could be extremely humid and full of never-ending thunderstorms. Spring rain carried in scents of mustiness and another unrecognizable odor. We didn’t turn off the furnace, in hopes that it would help dry out the floors and walls, and dispel the waft of wet dog that was generating from every crack. By summer, we were pushing the doors and windows open to help eliminate the bad odors.  Then the heart of summer arrived with more humidity and stickiness. We secured some window air conditioners.  This provided some much needed cool air, but they missed the mark in completely ridding the house of the humidity or dog. Ten years have gone by.  We have now put in a heating and cooling system. With the changes came the lessening of smelliness.  The professional HVAC service tech said there were remnants of dead creatures inside the ducts. The dog ghost still shows up in certain areas, but it has become less heady since pulling the wall to wall and laying hardwood on the floors.  I am so happy that we decided to make the HVAC changes.  I was told it would help to deodorize the place.  I hope it works on husbands.

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