My sisters and I make a point of getting together at just about every other’s houses for lunch every couple of weeks. My oldest sister, Marie, is an awesome cook and creates amazing meals for us. During the winter, I really love going to her house and sampling her homemade bread, soup, and fancy desserts. Unfortunately, her great food isn’t enough to replace the lack of air conditioning in the summer. Her house feels very overheated and stuffy, because she’s constantly running her oven. Opening the windows and running fans isn’t as effective as a central cooling system. We often sit outside on her patio, where the sun beats down on us, flies land on our food, and mosquitoes bite us. In the summer, I would much rather have lunch at my sister Emily’s house. She is not a good cook and we often eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with store-bought cookies for lunch. But, Emily has a state-of-the-art HVAC system. Her house feels perfect all year round. Not only does she have a good variable-speed furnace and air conditioner the utilizes zone control, she also has a smart thermostat that she can access from her smartphone. She loves to show off to us by adjusting the temperature with phone while we’re sitting right to the thermostat. It can be annoying, but I will suffer through it to be able to stay cool on a hot summer’s day. When it’s my turn to have my sisters at my home,  I’m smart enough to choose a pizza and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. I can’t prepare a meal and still have the house comfortable because my HVAC system is outdated, but I manage.