It truly is still winter, but I don’t have the heater on. A lot of people are worried about warming temperatures and saving the polar bears. I love this heat wave. When you live in the north, a little heat goes a long way. Usually around this time of year there’s about five feet of snow as well as negative temperatures. Today there isn’t a flake of snow anywhere and it is around fifty degrees. I have switched off my heating system and celebrating. It has become a game for me. I want to see how many days of winter I can go without using my furnace. I’m going pretty strong without the heating system. I have experienced three days in the row without heat. I am worried, tomorrow is suppose to drop into the thirties. Someone is trying to stop the nice weather so I have to use the heat. Seeing lower temperatures in the forecast is more depressing than it once was. Usually in March there is no hope of warm weather so heating is required. But now I have  hope and everyday I am irritated when it’s not warmer. I am sure this weekend will be the last cold spell I encounter. I will start my gas heater to stay warm. Then Monday morning it be at least forty degree weather and slowly rise as the week goes on. Is there anyway global warming can be a little more powerful? It is working, but it’s not for my area.

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