Exhausted, I light the stove soon after I walk through my front door. It had been a tedious day and while I listen for the kettle to sing, I remove some layers, slide into my fur lined slippers, and drag the recliner nearer to the fireplace. With just one  click of the remote the gas stove flames erupt and I let the warmth flood over me.

As a child we had a wood burning stove we used as our primary heat source. Cozy and quaint sure, but it was hard work to keep up with. I remember that one cold spell when the snow and ice came early, and the wood had yet to be fully stacked. Buried under  snow and several inches of ice our winter was looking bleak. It was the first time we fully depended on our furnace. Not used to the spotlight it’s as if our underdog heating system was boasting for the family. It turned out to be easy, effortless, with a turn of the dial the radiators sent heat into corners of the building the wood stove wouldn’t have been able to touch. However, our old house came equipped with an old furnace, there came a time it could not keep up with our demands and it came to a devastating halt. We quickly got in touch with our local HVAC providers, they sent out technicians who understood our need for timely heating system repairs when facing bitter temperatures. With quick and timely service our furnace was up and functioning again and we were prepared to make it through the winter.

The sharp whistle of the kettle brings me back before my gas fueled stove. I think fondly our winter with no wood, a winter wonderland minus the hauling and stacking and slivers of wood. I was sold on such a life.

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