After graduate college, I had huge student loans and very little money. I rented a series of really cheap and awful homes. I got used to taking really short showers, keeping the thermostat set on low in the winter, and going not having air conditioning. I cut coupons, never went to eat, and bought generic everything. I live in the northeastern area of the country, so the winter environment can be brutal. It’s not unusual to need to run several heating systems for six full months. To cut down with my monthly energy bills, I put plastic in the windows, shoved rolled up towels to the foot of the doors, and wore my coat inside. My crappy apartments usually featured early ineffective and inefficient heating systems. I lived with furnaces that blew tons of dust around, boilers that were older than my parents, and worthless breathing space heaters. When I finally paid off my student loans and finally started making decent money, I could rent a much nicer house. My number one priority was getting a place with a modern HVAC system. I was done living without air conditioning and freezing to death in the winter. I ultimately found the spot that has central HVAC by means of zone control, and it’s awesome. I can now adjust the temperature at my bedroom separately from the kitchen and living area. The HVAC system operates very quietly and it circulates the indoor air, trying to keep it clean and feeling refreshing. There are no drafts, warm spots, or cold corners. It’s such a pleasure to be perfectly comfortable inside my apartment.

HVAC system