When I  bought my home, I was thrilled by the beautiful stone fireplace in the living room. The fireplace is surely the focal point of the home, and the mantle is a beautiful walnut. I was happy  to experience a wood fire burning in the wintertime. I thought it would be very cozy and alluring, but I was wrong. Building a fire meant carrying dirty wood across my carpeting, which made a disgusting mess. Getting the fire going was quite a lot of work, and once it was going, there was smoke, ash and fumes. I had to constantly check on and tend to the fire, and its warmth didn’t extend as far as I expected. After that, I started researching gas fireplace inserts. I was pleasantly surprised that having a gas insert installed wasn’t cost-prohibitive and involved no significant renovation. The HVAC technician completed the entire process in just one day. A gas fireplace provides the ambience and warmth of the wood-burning fireplace, but with none with the work or mess. It comes complete with a thermostat and I can control the temperature with a convenient remote control. With the remote, I can easily raise or lower temperature, adjust the fan speed, or turn the unit on or off. It is very clean, quiet, and energy efficient, and adds more warmth than the wood-burning fireplace. Now I get to have all of the benefits of a fire, with none of the drawbacks. Although I use my new gas fireplace to supplement my forced air furnace, it is plenty to maintain the ideal temperature at my living room.